4 Aces

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Owled Lighting Solutions were contacted by 4 Aces to design and create a high quality LED lighting environment for their disposable packaging warehouse in Harlow, Essex.

4 Aces had a dated SON lighting system which was highly inefficient. Most fittings were not positioned correctly to give optimum lighting resulting in the working environment being poorly lit and which potentially may have caused health and safety issues.

Owled were commissioned to provide a bespoke warehouse lighting installation. 72 narrow beam LED fittings were used to increase the lighting level which to meet their working and health and safety requirements. Owled’s innovative warehouse lighting plan and products reduced their power consumption by 76% using motion/daylight harvesting sensor controls. In addition, an annual reduction in CO2 emissions is calculated to be 10.8 Tonnes.

Jackie of 4 Aces was delighted with the warehouse lighting project. “We have found our experience working with Owled Lighting to be everything they assured us it would be. Excellent and efficient. The work was well coordinated, communicated proactively and the work on site was efficient and in scheduled. Great service.”

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4 Aces Before and After


Chart showing 4 Aces LED Warehouse Lighting Savings Chart
4 Aces saved 76% with LED lighting