At OWLED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS, we specialise in providing the industrial sector with high-quality, super efficient, modern LED lighting.

Our primary service is managing projects for clients who wish to implement a modern, energy-saving LED lighting system. We oversee the entire project to ensure it meets our highest standards.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team thrive on identifying the best possible industrial lighting solution for your business. We work closely with you guiding you seamlessly through the installation process. When it comes to customer experience, we aim to go above and beyond your expectations.

From the initial free survey to the installation of high quality lighting, through to the warranty we are there for you.

Benefits of LED


The products we provide are some of the most efficient on the market and therefore use up to 80% less energy than previous generations of lighting. Along with this, our products require almost no maintenance during their lifetime, whilst their lifespan can be up to 10 times longer. Owled LED industrial lighting offers some of the clearest light perfect for businesses like yours where precision is key.


Product Benefits

Greater Clarity

Precise Light Dispersion

Make Energy Savings of up to 80%

Environmentally Friendly

Robust Products

Long Lasting

Instant On/Off

Project Specialisation


We provide our industrial lighting services to a wide range of commercial and industrial premises. These are outlined below;

Project Process


OWLED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS provide a comprehensive project management service.

We offer our expertise to give your business the ultimate LED lighting solution. We work closely with you in order to develop a precise understanding of the LED lighting solution you require. You can also be assured our work will provide your business with long lasting benefits.

Site Survey

We visit your premises to conduct a free site survey recording the lighting conditions and layout of your premises to recommend the correct LED light fittings. Our industrial lighting specialists listen to your requirements and answer any questions.

Design and Proposal

Once we have concluded the survey and are fully aware of your lighting requirements, we devise detailed plans to meet your specifications. We will provide your designs with a projection of future savings.

Supply and Installation

We source the highest quality industrial lighting. Working closely with you during this stage, we ensure your business operations are not disrupted. Our qualified electricians install the lighting to ensure the highest grade safety and most efficient operation.

Five Year Warranty

Our warranty provides you with long-term assurances of the quality of our products. On the rare occasion that one of our products malfunctions we repair or supply a new item free of charge. Our five-year warranty plan offers you peace of mind.