Garage Lighting Case Study

Bodytec, Barlbrough required a lighting upgrade for their car paint and repair centre as lighting conditions had become unsatisfactory. They identified Owled as the desired LED lighting partner.

Bodytec pride themselves on precision work on both paintwork and vehicle repairs. However, the previous non-LED fittings were not able to provide the best conditions when working to precision.

Owled were more than happy to provide a solution which enhanced their lighting conditions. 150W LED high bay fittings were installed which immediately improved the light output by more than two times vastly improving Bodytec’s working environment. An additional benefit of the garage lighting upgrade was the fantastic energy savings of 50%.

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Bodytec's facility with new Owled 150W LED lighting

Chart showing Bodytec LED garage Lighting Savings
Bodytec saved 50% with LED lighting