Case Studies

A range of our most impressive projects. Please click on a project or view the video to learn more.

An image of K and M's Warehouse Lighting
K & M Hauliers
Your content for your column #2
Your content for your colYour content for your column #2

Peterman's new LED warehouse lighting
An image of SRS Rail's LED Warehouse Lighting
SRS Rail

Image of Taylor Made LED factory lighting
Taylor Made
An image of 4 Ace's warehouse fitted with new LED lighting
4 Aces
Starverton factory lighting title image
Firma Chrome's newly installed led factory lighting
Firma Chrome

An image displaying Tai Sun's new LED warehouse lighting
Tai Sun
Image of Renoco's new LED factory lighting

Owled's garage lighting installed into Bodytec's site
Image of Harris Trucking's new warehouse lighting
Harris Trucking

Farnsfield Auto Centre's newly installed LED garage lighting
Farnsfield Auto Centre
Owled's garage lighting case study of Greenhill Motors
Greenhill Motors

Owled's installation of LED warehouse lighting at Medieval Mayhem
Medieval Mayhem
Image of LM Select's Garage Lighting
LM Select
Owled's warehouse LED lighting installation at Meadotech
image of PMS' mew LED factory lighting
PMS Fabrication

Image of Cosmopolitan's new LED factory lighting
Natural Granite's newly installed LED factory lighting from Owled
Natural Granite