Workshop Lighting Case Study

Cosmopolitan Engineering required Owled to provide an industrial lighting solution for their precision engineering facility.

Their concern was largely due to the low quality output which was emitted by their 400W Metal Halides. They found that working under 120 lux was highly unsatisfactory as it did not allow them to work to the precise detail they required.

Owled’s solution, which consisted of 150W and 200W LED high bay products, provided greater clarity at Cosmopolitan’s workshop as lux levels rose from 120 to 300 lux. The workshop is now well illuminated enabling employees to work to greater precision. This, along with 62% energy savings, delighted the client.

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A successfully completed project by Owled Lighting Solutions at Cosmopolitan

Chart showing Cosmopolitan's LED Industrial Lighting Savings
Cosmopolitan saved 62% with LED lighting