Medieval Mayhem

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Sheffield based Medieval Mayhem requested Owled’s services to improve the lighting at their newly acquired warehouse facility which is to be used as a child play facility.

Medieval Mayhem required enhanced lighting conditions at their warehouse in order to provide an excellent lighting environment for children who will use the renovated facility. The previous 400W Son light fittings provided a lux level of 110 which was not satisfactory.

Scott of Medieval Mayhem describes the issue. “…we were converting an old storage warehouse to a new “Children’s Play Centre”. The warehouse had old sodium style lighting that was very orange and inefficient. We wanted an extremely light and bright environment that would encourage energy and “Play” for the children.” 

Because of the above issues Owled were able to provide greater warehouse lighting levels with the installation of 150W and 200W Linear Bay fittings . These increased the lux levels by 140 to 250 lux, giving a crisp, clear output . In addition, Medieval Mayhem were able to save 60% on their warehouse lighting operational costs.

These results delighted Scott who added “The fitting was done extremely efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to our business and once installed we couldn’t believe the difference. The whole area was now lit with a clear crisp light that reached into the deepest corners of the warehouse.”

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Medieval Mayhem before and after LED warehouse lighting


Chart showing Medieval Mayhem LED Warehouse Lighting Savings Chart
Medieval Mayhem saved 60% with LED lighting