Farnsfield Auto Centre

Garage Lighting Case Study

Farnsfield Auto Centre, located in the Mansfield area, called upon Owled to enhance the lighting conditions at their garage in order to work to greater precision on their vehicles.

The centre contained a number of 5ft fluorescent tubes at 140W which provided a lux level of 100. This level of lighting was found not to be satisfactory for the auto centre, who for this reason, required an upgrade to LED lighting.

Owled gladly provided their 150W High Bay products which doubled the lux levels to 200. This met and exceeded the expectations of Farnsfield Auto Centre who can now operate with greater precision in greater clarity. The company also reduced their garage lighting running costs by 55%.

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Farnsfield Auto Centre B:A

Chart showing Farnsfield LED Garage Lighting Savings Chart
Farnsfield Auto Centre saved 55% with LED lighting