Firma Chrome's newly installed led factory lighting

Firma Chrome, Sheffield


Factory Lighting Case Study

Firma Chrome metal finishers, based in Sheffield, contacted Owled Lighting Solutions to propose a means to improve the lighting conditions in their factory.

The previous factory lighting was made up of 22 metal halide fittings at 250W each. These antiquated lights required constant maintenance which increased costs. The productivity of their employees was also hampered by the poor lighting conditions.

Owled upgraded Firma Chrome’s factory lighting by installing 14 LED high bay fittings at 100W each. We were able to provide fewer fittings than they had previously installed which also consumed far less energy. The lighting output saw a dramatic increase, whilst the energy savings were calculated at 70%.

Firma Chrome were very appreciative for a much improved lighting environment and significant energy savings.

This Sheffield factory lighting project provided Firma Chrome numerous benefits. To arrange your own free, no obligation site survey and product demonstration please click here


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Chart showing Firma Chrome LED Factory Lighting Savings Chart
Firma Chrome save 70% with LED lighting