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We make the transition to energy saving LED lighting a simple and convenient process for local companies.

Please leave your details below to book a free, no obligation site survey to see how your business can benefit with Owled LED lighting.

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What are the key benefits of our products?

Reduced Lighting Costs Save up to 80% on your lighting costs in comparison to traditional lighting forms.
Superior Light Quality
Illuminate your site with the clearest form of lighting on the market. Only daylight is clearer.
Boost Employee Morale
Superior lighting quality enhances employee safety and productivity. It boosts your employees’ morale.

Extra Long Life
Our products have a tested lifespan of over 50,000 hours. 5x longer than traditional forms.
Five Year Warranty
Enjoy peace of mind with our secure five year warranty. We’re here for you when you need us.
By using up to 80% less energy you will reduce your carbon footprint & enhance your reputation.

Untitled design-3 copy 6A few examples of the type of facilities we cater for

LED NCF Lighting in a large garage setting
Owled car park LED lighting
Car Parking
Owled LED Factory Lighting

Owled Warehouse LED Lighting
Owled Office Lighting
Owled Sports LED Lighting in an indoor setting

Untitled design-3 copy 6What services do we offer?

Free Site Survey
We record the lighting conditions and layout of your site to produce accurate designs.
Free Lighting Design
Our design team devise detailed plans in order to provide you with optimal lighting conditions.
Free Payback Projection
The payback projections we offer enable you to see your savings over time, helping you to plan ahead.

Product Provision
We source the highest quality LED light fittings for your use, ready for installation.
Do you require us to organise installation? Our qualified electrical engineers are on hand.
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Funding Options

By switching to, or upgrading your LED lighting, you could be making additional savings with our grants and tax relief. We also offer flexible finance. Click here to learn more.

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Case Studies

We have dramatically increased our clients’ lighting conditions whilst significantly reducing their lighting costs thanks to our highly efficient LED lighting products. Click here for more.

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Please leave your details below to book a free, no obligation site survey to see how your business can benefit with Owled LED lighting.

Call us on 01246 767 850 or email us at for a free site survey or any other information on industrial LED lighting.