Below are a range of funding options available to help make your switch to Owled LED lighting even more appealing. Learn more about how industrial lighting funding can enhance your cash flow.

ECA Scheme

The Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme enables businesses to invest in energy saving facility LED lighting by reducing costs through a tax rebate. First year allowances enable businesses claim a 100% tax rebate for our products.

For example, if your total project cost is at £10,000 then you can claim a tax rebate of £2,000 (based on a 20% tax rate).

Our products qualify for the ECA scheme. We provide all necessary documentation, from our side, to help you make the claim when you commit to our service.

For more information on how to claim your Enhanced Capital Allowance;

Call; 0300 330 0657


Or; contact your accountant

Carbon Trust Guide to the ECA Scheme

Lighting Grants

There are now a number of regional grants available to industrial SMEs within our service area. These range from 50-65% of the total project/purchase cost. This is a fantastic opportunity to significantly reduce your investment whilst installing high quality, energy efficient LED lighting.

To learn more, click here.

LED lighting grants for industrial businesses


Finance Option



We offer our clients the option of industrial lighting finance. Our finance partner offers customised financing for lighting and energy efficiency projects and is an experienced funding source for lighting projects.  Funding is more than just financing projects. It’s about providing comprehensive financial solutions that will create value and support with the right solution, you may be able to reduce your energy costs, achieve a quick payback on your investment, and of course utilise your energy savings to pay for the project – all while preserving cash and lines of credit.

I am converting from non-LED to LED lighting, how will I benefit?

Our finance partner enables you to make monthly repayments, which in most cases are less than the monthly energy savings you achieve by converting to LED lighting. Their approach is tailor made to each individual company’s needs and they are able to design a solution to fit your individual situation. In turn this means in most cases you achieve a monthly cash surplus during the repayment period, being cash flow positive from day one.

Savings chart showing how much industrial LED lighting finance can save your company
Savings from the Industrial LED Lighting Finance Option

I am replacing older generation LED lighting; how will I benefit?

Depending on the age and condition of your lighting you could make monthly savings of up to 20% by replacing them with Owled’s state-of-the-art LED lighting. These savings can be used to pay for a significant proportion of your monthly repayments.

Whatever form of lighting you currently have installed you can benefit from competitive fixed interest rates and flexible repayment plans both designed with you in mind. This makes financial forecasting a great deal easier enabling you to confidently plan for the future.

Finance process

After assessing your current lighting energy use we produce a solution, and within that, outline your energy savings. The energy savings and total product costs are used to propose a competitive repayment plan.

This addresses the length of the repayment term and fixed interest rate which can be modified to best suit your preference before the final acceptance agreement.

Upon agreement of the payment plan and after a simple credit check, a final acceptance agreement is provided. Once signed, the repayments will commence 30 days after the installation date.

Further information on industrial lighting finance is provided during the site survey.