Greenhill Motors

Garage Lighting Case Study

Greenhill Motors, a motor vehicle dealer in Barlborough, worked with Owled to improve the lighting in their within their showroom facility.

Greenhill Motors found the lighting conditions in their showroom unit were not satisfactory as the lighting was unable to highlight the quality of their vehicles in full. Pre-installation, the 14 x 8ft fluorescent 100W tubes provided an unsatisfactory lux level of 100.

Owled provided Greenhill Motors with 6 x 150W LED linear bay fittings which increased the lux level in the showroom by 120 to 220 lux. As a result, this significantly enhanced the splendour of Greenhill Motor’s vehicles. The new garage lighting saved Greenhill 40% in running costs.

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Greenhill Motors b_a

Chart showing Greenhill Motors' LED Garage Lighting Savings
Greenhill Motors saved 40% with LED lighting