High Quality Lighting with LED

Along with the lumens per watt of industrial lighting and the associated savings our customers are expected to achieve, another important benefit is the clarity of light. Within this article we identify why clarity in the workplace, particularly in the industrial sector, is of great importance and how LED lighting can achieve excellent clarity.

An image showing the quality of lighting in a warehouse
LED lighting clarity in a warehouse setting

The Importance of Clarity

The ability to effectively illuminate industrial facilities such as warehouses, factories and garages to an optimal level is a key element of health and safety planning. Task visibility, especially when working with machinery, vehicles or alongside forklift trucks in warehouses is of great importance. Hence, greater visibility with LED lighting enables staff to work more efficiently and reduces the risk of accidents.

Working under clear, crisp lighting on tasks requiring precision in facilities such as factories or garages requires excellent levels of lighting to operate and complete jobs efficiently in. Greater working efficiency enables jobs to be completed at greater efficiency and accuracy allowing your business to operate more productively.


Colour Temperature

Colour temperature refers to the type of colour of ‘white’ light appears at. It is measured in Kelvin;

  • 1800-3000K appears very warm with an orange output
  • 4500-6000K appears similar to daylight
  • 6500-8000K appears very cool with a blue output

LED industrial lighting is able to provide the clearest form of lighting on the market, it can illuminate your working area in; clear, crisp, white light which is equivalent to sunlight. LED lighting is known to provide the clearest form of output with a colour temperature at 5500 Kelvin perfect for industrial requirements.

LED lighting at this colour temperature has elements of blue light, which according to research, reduces the amount of melatonin created in the body. The absence of melatonin increases the level of alertness.

With LED lighting at 5500K installed in the workplace, staff will show greater levels of alertness, productivity and safety.

Image of a 3Ds colour temperature scale
The Colour Temperature Scale

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is another form of measuring good quality light output. It measures how accurately lighting can display the true colour of an object. The higher the index level, the more accurately a colour can be shown. For instance, a CRI of 100 would show colours of objects at sunlight levels. Current technology means a product with a CRI rating of 80 or above is excellent quality.



Identifying the correct colour temperature and CRI rating of lighting products is essential and professional lighting contractors will be able to advise you on the correct course of action at the design stage of any project. The correct fittings will provide you with the perfect environment for your employees to work safely and productively in.


What are your thoughts on improving your company’s lighting? Do you have any questions on how your business could benefit from an industrial lighting site survey? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form below or arrange a site visit.