Is your industrial lighting effective enough?

The benefits of a well lit industrial environment

At Owled Lighting Solutions we have encountered many cases where our clients have suffered from poor quality industrial lighting conditions. These tended to be cases where the strength of the light output was not sufficient enough to provide an effective lighting environment for operating in. Thus, hampering their ability to work; to precision, efficiently or to safety in. All of which reduce business’ ability to maximise their employees’ productivity which prevents them from extending their profits.

Below are a few cases we have come across with particularly poor quality lighting and how we transformed their facilities into ones that are bright, clear and vibrant spaces to work in.


Natural Granite

Natural Granite’s workshop lighting had very poor light output from their 400W metal halide products. The output was weak with green and orange tinges meaning the lighting was not appropriate to work under when working to precision on their granite products.

Due to Natural Granite’s poor workshop lighting conditions they had Owled’s LED high bay products installed to rectify the situation. These doubled the strength of the light output whilst giving a clear, white light output. Perfect for working on their granite products.


Owled Lighting Solutions have successfully completed a project at Natural Granite

Medieval Mayhem

The warehouse lighting in Medieval Mayhem’s newly acquired facility was very poor. It produced an orange output which was not acceptable for its future use as a children’s adventure centre.

Because of this issue, Medieval Mayhem installed Owled’s 150W and 200W LED linear bay lights. This increased the warehouse lighting output by 44% ensuring the lighting was sufficient enough to enable children to play in the safest possible conditions.


Medieval Mayhem b_a-2



The factory lighting at Cosmopolitan Engineering was again poor with tinges of green which hindered precision and productivity when employees were working. The 400W metal halide products were unable to produce satisfactory lighting conditions.

Owled’s LED 150W and 200W LED high bay lights ensured Cosmopolitan once more had sufficient lighting for engineering under. Their lighting output improved by 60% and produced crisp, clear, white light, perfect for precision work.


A successfully completed project by Owled Lighting Solutions at Cosmopolitan

What we can do for you

If any of your facilities are showing signs of poor lighting and/or that with orange, green or any colour we would be more than happy to work with you to provide you with high a quality solution. We have significantly improved the industrial lighting conditions at a vast number of facilities which in turn enhanced their productivity and undoubtedly improved their profits.

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