LED Lighting and Health & Safety

In what ways can LED industrial lighting boost your health and safety conditions?

In this article we look at the four key health and safety benefits of industrial lighting. Sourcing three recent news articles and summarising their findings to highlight how your business can benefit. We look at how LED industrial lighting can; reduce accidents, increase alertness, reduce eye strain and headaches and eliminate toxic exposure.

LED industrial lighting and health and safety
LED Lighting Enhance Health & Safety

Businesses who install LED lighting in their workplaces such as; offices, warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces are able to enhance their employee’s health and well-being according to ECN. They state that LED lighting is the clearest form of lighting on the market. It provides you with greater visibility compared to other forms of lighting such as; fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting. Greater visibility firstly reduces the number of accidents. Staff who can see potential hazards will be more likely to avoid them. The superb clarity also enables your staff to work to much greater productivity.

Specgrade also shed light on another health benefit associated with LED industrial lighting which is its ability to boost alertness. Research shows that LED lighting with a targeted blue wavelength reduces the amount of melatonin created in the human body. The lack of melatonin therefore increases levels of alertness. LED lighting with a targeted blue wavelength, when installed into a workplace, will enable your staff to increase levels of alertness, productivity and safety.

They also find flickering light is eliminated with LED lighting. For many years, employees were subject to the flickering with older forms of lighting, which were found to cause; headaches, eye strain and other problems. With LED lighting staff are now able to work in increased comfort.

HPS bulbs, according to LEDs Magazine, contain dangerous levels of Mercury. They find that a single HPS bulb holds sufficient mercury vapour to poison an entire room. Exposure to such an event could cause severe symptoms to those working in the vicinity and a possibility of lifelong effects. To mitigate this risk, LED lighting contains zero mercury or any other hazardous material. This wholly eliminates the risk of toxic exposure to your workers and allays related health concerns.

The findings show that LED industrial lighting is a modern, safe and reliable option which can enhance employee’s ability to work to their potential. LED’s output is by far the clearest on the market as well as having the ability to increase alertness enables your employees to work to greater detail and safety. The annoyance of flickering has been eliminated reducing the number of staff health issues including eye-strain and headaches. Finally, and most importantly LED lighting contains no hazardous materials.