LED Lighting & CSR

In what way can LED lighting enhance corporate social responsibility (CSR)?


LED lighting boasts a plethora of benefits for businesses who install the most modern fittings within their facilities. One such advantage is that they consume less energy than convention forms of lighting meaning they have a much smaller carbon footprint. So let’s look closer and see exactly how important LED lighting is regarding CSR.

Converting to LED lighting reduces energy consumption for businesses. In facilities without LED lighting, lighting represents 40% of operating costs. Examples of less efficient lighting which can be found in some facilities are; fluorescent tubes and metal halides.

On the contrary, LED lighting can save businesses up to 90% of their energy use when compared to older and less efficient forms of lighting. Therefore, a conversion to LED lighting can make a dramatic reduction to a company’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

A secondary means in which LED lighting enables businesses to reduce their carbon footprint is the materials used to produce LED lighting product. They are increasingly being assembled using recycled materials. LED lighting, in addition, has a much longer lifespan (50,000 hours) and seldom requires maintenance. This enables reductions in the number of spare parts or replacements which have to be produced or shipped out.

One barrier is the short term cost of purchase and the time taken to refit facilities with LED lighting. Costs can be alleviated by projecting a break-even point, a time in the future where the savings accumulated from running more efficient lighting will match the cost of the LED lighting installation. In addition, there are grants and loans available from low carbon trusts to help businesses get started with their low energy lighting.

As businesses reduce their carbon footprint with LED lighting it promotes corporate social responsibility thanks to large energy savings and reductions in their carbon footprints. This provides positive impacts in areas such as; public health, environmental well-being and climate change. These are all attractive selling points to provide your clients and prospective clients.

In sum, incorporating LED lighting into your facility is a great way to promote corporate social responsibility for your business whilst making savings.


Discussion questions;

How much of a barrier will the installation costs be to your company?

How highly does your company place carbon footprint reductions?