LED Industrial Efficiency

Top Warehouses and Manufacturing Sites are Rapidly Moving Towards LED Lighting

There is a huge desire by leading businesses in the industrial sector to switch form old, inefficient lighting to modern, energy saving industrial LED lighting which offers high quality light output. Businesses owning warehouses and/or manufacturing sites are set to benefit from this modern form of industrial lighting due to falling prices.

An image showing LED warehouse lighting

As warehouses and manufacturing sites may be open 24 hours a day, it is vital to identify means by which these facilities can reduce their running costs and enable stronger profit margins.

Industrial LED lighting is renowned for being up to 80% more efficient to run in comparison to other forms of industrial lighting such as metal halide.

You not only save on energy efficiency gains but also on areas such as; low maintenance and LED’s extra-long life in comparison to other forms of industrial lighting.

One the biggest advantages of LED lighting for warehouse and factory owners is the ability to apply sensors to fittings. These sensors can either dim light or turn it off completely, perfect for areas where there may be long periods of low occupancy. They also work where you may want to harness natural daylight whilst maintaining a constant lighting level throughout the day. These sensors have the ability to save large amounts of money.

One such company who have switched to LED according to Global Chain News, are CML, who store and deliver chilled food with a 19,000sqm site in Telford. They saw the huge economic and operational benefits by switching to industrial LED lighting for their three warehouses and packaging area.

Installing the new LED lighting throughout their premises is set to save the company £61,000 per year. This news has delighted their Group Facilities Manager, Robert White.

There is a wide array of benefits which LED lighting can offer businesses with warehouses and/or factories. The energy efficiency aspect is a key benefit for business owners, whilst there are other benefits which aid savings such as longer lifespans and reduced maintenance requirements. Lighting sensors are also a key advantage to facilities managers as they automatically provide light only when needed, further reducing wasted energy.

As the cost of LED fittings are becoming more and more affordable, refitting your facilities with LED lighting has become the smart choice.

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