Optimum Lighting this Winter

Make the clear decision with LED Lighting

Daylight is gradually diminishing as we head deeper into the autumn and on into the winter. It is now the time to consider LED industrial lighting.

LED lighting provides the clearest form of lighting on the market with an abundance of added benefits compared to non-LED lighting.


Watching the video, you will see stark differences in lighting between the clip showing the worker on the forklift truck and the worker in the warehouse.

The worker on the forklift working in dim, orange light finds it difficult to clearly see the environment around him. This elevates risks to health and safety particularly where environments contain moving vehicles and hazardous equipment. Because of these risks, employees over compensate in terms of time taken to carry out procedures, hence impacting on the company’s productivity.

The employee in the warehouse working in the clear, crisp white light is able to see what he is working on in great clarity. This is because he is working under LED lighting which produces light output much closer to that of daylight than the non-LED lighting in the first clip. Because of this, he is able to see the environment and his task work in great detail. This vastly diminishes health and safety risks while he is able to work to greater levels of precision and productivity.

Here are a number of additional benefits LED industrial lighting has to offer over conventional lighting;

  • Save up to 80% on your lighting running costs
  • Dramatically reduce your maintenance requirements
  • Enhance employee morale
  • Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 80%
  • Precise light dispersion
  • A longer product lifespan. Conventional LED Lighting lifespan; around 50,000. New generation of LED lighting lifespan; around 90,000.
  • Instant on/off
  • LED lighting products eligible for tax relief
  • Ability to make further energy savings using sensors


Starverton's factory lighting before and after the fitting of LED lighting

Now is the best time of the year to improve your industrial lighting system and enhance your working environment over the winter. Learn how you could benefit from Owled LED lighting by arranging a free, no obligation site survey by clicking here.