Lighting Grants

Image portraying an image of industrial lighting grants

There are now a number of regional grants available to industrial SMEs within our service area. These range from 40-60% of the total project/purchase cost. This is a fantastic opportunity to significantly reduce your investment whilst installing high quality, energy efficient LED lighting.

With a grant (below), your return on investment will arrive much sooner thanks to reduced purchase costs.

To begin your application process for an industrial lighting grant, please arrange a site survey with us and visit your local provider’s website.

Please note; Owled is not responsible for information on external links. Grant availability and policy may be subject to change due to the first come, first serve nature of grants.

Grant Region Project Range Grant % Deadline Provider
Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership West & North Yorkshire Up to £40,000 40% Contact Provider Click here
Uni. of Nottingham Grant Scheme Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Derbyshire £2,500 – £20,000 40%  31st May 2021 Click here
The Low Carbon Business Evolution Programme Staffordshire £2,000 – £20,000 60% 31st December 2021 Click here
Energy Efficiency Scheme Greater Manchester £1,000 – £12,500 50% Contact Provider Click here