An image of K and M's Warehouse Lighting

K and M Hauliers, Nottingham

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

K and M Hauliers opted to use Owled Lighting Solutions’ services to upgrade their warehouse lighting to energy saving LED lighting at their Hucknall site.

The client informed us that the previous lighting system in the four warehouse hangers, workshop and paint shop were becoming costly to run. Many of these were the highly inefficient 400W SON high bay fittings. Therefore, a new, energy efficient lighting system was sought to reduce the high energy costs.

Owled’s project team were able to resolve the energy efficiency issue by providing the client with long-lasting, energy saving LED lighting. These products were installed in the following facilities;

Installing the new LED products along with additional sensors saved the client 77% thanks to increased energy efficiency compared to the previous fittings.

As Owled’s products meet the ECA’s product efficiency standards, K and M Hauliers were able to qualify for 100% tax relief. For more information on tax relief please click here.

They also took advantage of their local energy efficiency grant scheme and were awarded a grant of 50% for the project. For more information on grant opportunities, please click here.

To upgrade your facility to LED lighting, as we have done in this Nottingham warehouse lighting project, click here to book your free site survey.

An image of K and M's Warehouse Lighting

Chart showing K and M Hauliers LED Warehouse Lighting savings
K & M Hauliers saved 77% with LED lighting