Owled's warehouse LED lighting installation at Meadotech

Meadotech, Rotherham

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Meadotech, Rotherham, required Owled Lighting to provide a solution for their solar panel manufacturing site.

Meadotech were keen to cut their lighting operational costs as they were using 24 x 60w fluorescent tube lights. They also wanted to improve the lighting levels as they found the pre-installation lighting level was not satisfactory for manufacturing under.

Owled were able to resolve both issues. Owled installed 12 x 36w LED NCFs which produced an overall energy saving of 70%. These products greatly increased the quality and clarity of light which improved working conditions. Meadotech were thoroughly delighted with the subsequent energy savings and light output of their new warehouse lighting.

The finished project delighted Meadotech’s Abdalla who told us “We have used them (Owled) twice to upgrade the first time for the warehouse lighting, and now we have upgraded the rest of the lighting. I definitely recommend them to anyone.”

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Meadotech's warehouse lighting before and after

Chart showing Meadotech LED Warehouse Lighting Savings Chart
Meadotech saved 70% with LED lighting