Starverton factory lighting title image

Staverton, Rotherham

Factory Lighting Case Study

Staverton office furniture designers choose Owled Lighting Solutions to provide a full LED lighting re-fit for their Rotherham based factory.

Their previous factory lighting was made up of highly inefficient 200W 8ft fluorescent tubes. These provided extremely poor lighting conditions for their staff to work under. Another disadvantage was the constant maintenance requirement which became expensive over time.

Owled were able to rectify both of these issues by refitting the factory with new 150/200W LED linear bay lights. This significantly enhanced the factory lighting quality and provided staff a much clearer environment in which to work in. On top of this, maintenance costs are set to be drastically reduced thanks to LED lighting’s superior durability compared to that of the fluorescent tubes. Overall Starverton’s lighting energy savings are 61% thanks to their installation.

As Owled are a Carbon Trust accredited supplier Staverton were able to receive a 15% Carbon Trust grant by taking up our services. They were also able to take tax relief at 20% of the remaining cost through the ECA scheme as our products exceed the quality standards set out by the ETL list. More on tax relief here.

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Starverton's factory lighting before and after the fitting of LED lighting

Chart showing Staverton's LED Factory Lighting Savings Chart
Staverton saved 61% with LED lighting