Peterman's new LED warehouse lighting

Peterman, Sheffield

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Peterman Forklift Trucks contacted Owled Lighting Solutions to provide a full LED warehouse lighting refit for their Sheffield facility.

Peterman required improved lighting output as their previous warehouse lighting (400W SON high bays) couldn’t offer their employees the best working conditions. Peterman were also conscious that their SON high bays were relatively costly to run.

Owled were able to rectify these issues by producing a bespoke lighting plan and replacing the SON 400W high bay with LED 150W high bay lighting. This significantly enhanced the lighting output. Staff are now able to work to greater clarity. The new fittings and lighting design also enable Peterman to save 70% on their lighting running costs and 5.14 tonnes of carbon per year. Sensors, requested by the client, were also added for further savings. These cost savings will enable a 19-month full project payback.

As Owled’s products meet the ECA’s product efficiency standards, Peterman Forklift Trucks were able to qualify for 100% tax relief. For more information on tax relief please click here.

To upgrade your facility to LED lighting, as we have done in this Sheffield warehouse lighting project, click here to book your free site survey.

A photo showing Peterman's warehouse lighting before and after their LED upgrade

Chart showing Peterman's LED Warehouse Lighting Savings Chart
Peterman saved 70% with LED lighting