Reducing Industrial Lighting Costs

Older Generations of lighting add an unnecessary cost to your business

Working with clients we have found a number of businesses who have been losing more money than they should have by running old, inefficient industrial lighting. More often than not they were using lighting such as metal halides or fluorescent tubes which are at least 50% less efficient than LED lighting. Owled Lighting Solutions’ bespoke lighting designs also mean that lighting products were installed offering maximum lighting output for minimum product purchase.

Many industrial facilities also have lighting which may require the assistance of a cherry picker to access. Because Owled’s LED lighting rarely requires maintenance the associated costs are significantly lower than older generations of lighting.

Our efficient industrial lighting environment designs and low-energy use products have ensured we have delighted our clients with their superb energy savings. Below are a few examples of our work.



Cosmopolitan’s engineering facility contained inefficient metal halide lighting products which consumed 400 watts when operating. Owled Lighting Solutions were able to address the inefficiency by designing a new, more efficient, lighting layout for Cosmopolitan’s factory facility. Owled were also able to provide LED high bay products which consumed only 150 and 200 watts. Overall, this reduced Cosmopolitan’s warehouse lighting costs by 62%.

A successfully completed project by Owled Lighting Solutions at Cosmopolitan


Natural Granite

The workshop lighting at Natural Granite’s Sheffield facility again contained inefficient 400-watt metal halide products. Owled Lighting Solutions’ 150 watt LED high bay products were installed and were able to significantly reduce Cosmopolitan’s energy usage. An efficiently designed lighting plan was also used to further add to the cost effectiveness of the lighting. In total, the new products along with improved designs saved Natural Granite an incredible 65% on their workshop lighting costs.

Owled Lighting Solutions have successfully completed a project at Natural Granite


Meadotech’s solar panel manufacturing facility used 24 x 58 watt fluorescent light tubes which consumed too much energy for their needs. To counteract this, Owled provided 12 x 36 watt Non-Corrosive Fitting LED lights. Once more an efficient design was created to ensure the facility used as few products as possible to provide good quality lighting conditions. By working with Owled, Meadotech were able to save an amazing 70% on their warehouse lighting running costs.

Meadotech before and after


What we do for you.

If you feel running your lighting is becoming costly and inefficient or want to see how much money you could be saving by switching to LED lighting, then please contact us and arrange a site survey. We will demonstrate our lighting and advise you on how much it could save. We will later provide you with lighting designs, payback projections and a competitive quote which best suits your needs. What’s more we have a flexible payment option should you prefer this.

Our aim is to reduce the cost of industrial lighting running costs through efficient technology and design and reduced maintenance.