Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Renoco are one of the leading steel fabrication companies in Chesterfield and surrounding areas. When they decided to convert to LED industrial lighting they chose Owled.

Their engineering work requires high levels of precision. However, their previous non-LED lighting was not sufficient in terms of offering the clarity of light to work to precision under. Renoco also wanted to reduce the cost of their lighting energy costs as this was becoming costly.

Owled were able to resolve both the energy cost and lighting concerns perfectly. The installation of 200W LED high bay fittings enabled Renoco to double their light output, making it easier for employees to work to precision. The LED warehouse lighting also enabled the company to reduce their energy consumption by 50%.

On the service Owled provided, Keith of Renoco sated he was “Highly satisfied with your service and quality of the products”.

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Reno's new LED industrial lighting

Chart showing Renoco LED Warehouse Lighting Savings
Renoco saved 50% with LED lighting