Save More with an Industrial Lighting Site Survey

What Makes an LED Lighting Survey So Effective?

This article looks at five key points which make LED lighting surveys a must have service.

LED lighting can save you around 60% replacing like for like. However, you can make further savings and obtain your project payback much sooner with a detailed project overview with a site survey. In most cases contractors will offer site surveys for free.


Image showing how a company benefited from an industrial lighting site survey
An industrial lighting site survey can further reduce lighting costs


A Committed Partnership

A lighting site survey provides you with the opportunity to meet and discuss your lighting requirements with professionals before you commit to any kind of project agreement.

You are also able to see a demonstration of potential lighting products during the site survey. This allows you to see how they work, enabling you to make an informed judgement before committing to purchase.

One of the most important facets of the site survey is the start of a trusted and committed relationship. A professional lighting contractor will not only be on hand to resolve your queries prior to the installation, but for the lifetime of your fittings.


Save with a Professional Lighting Design

With a free industrial lighting site survey your project team will visit your site to identify the current lighting arrangement. Accurate readings of the lighting output are measured, and the current lighting layout drawn up.

With this information the project team will devise a new lighting layout plan which provides the optimum lighting conditions required for each section of your site. An accurate industrial lighting plan will also greatly reduce energy consumption.

By placing fittings at strategic points within your facility, a knowledgeable designer can produce a plan using as few fittings as possible. At the same time, they can also maintain an optimum lighting output for each section of your facility.

The result will save you a large amount on; product purchase, installation and running costs. More than you would do if you fit like for like replacements without a professional lighting design.


A Clear Overview of Lighting Savings

A site survey also gives your lighting contractors the ability to provide you with an accurate account of the savings you will make by switching to the latest LED lighting technology. Your contractor will use information such as; your current energy costs as well as current and proposed fitting energy consumption.

The project team will make calculations on current running costs and the combined wattage of all light fittings that are to be replaced. They also assess the current unit price of your electricity bill.  Putting these together produces your current lighting energy costs.

By making the same calculations for your proposed LED lighting power usage, your contractor can provide you with accurate information on your energy savings.

A professional contractor will also provide you with a detailed payback projection or break-even point analysis. This identifies your monthly savings of the proposed LED lighting against the costs of product purchase and installation. Therefore, when your energy savings amount to the same as your product and installation costs, your savings have paid for the project. Your new industrial lighting will then provide you with stand alone savings.

The key benefit is that you can see exactly how much you are spending on lighting and when your savings will pay for the initial costs, enabling you to improve your financial planning as a company.


The Perfect Fittings to Match your Requirements

Site visits enable your contractors to gain a good understanding of the tasks which are required to be carried out in certain areas of your facility. Different tasks require differing provisions of lux levels (lighting levels).

The contractor will have a good understanding of the lumens per watt required to create the optimal lux level for differing types of uses. And, with a specific understanding of each of your area’s tasks, the contractor can then propose optimal fittings. The type of fittings will depend on the mounting height and area required to illuminate. Illuminating a narrow area, such as aisles, would require a narrower beam angle than lighting required for a more open area.

Gaining a good understanding of your facility during the site survey enables your contractor to propose the most cost-effective fittings. These will reduce light wastage and provide your staff with optimal industrial lighting to work under.


Key Information for Grant Applications

A range of grants may be available from your local authority and/or other providers.

Grant applications are assessed on their value for money as a combined cost of product purchase and installation. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to arrange a site survey so the contractor can identify costs accurately as well as uncover any additional hidden costs which may arise during installation.

Another important area grant applications are assessed on is the energy savings you make from your new LED lighting system. As discussed earlier, a site survey provides your contractor with enough information to provide a highly accurate savings report. You can then submit the report for your grant provider to evaluate.

N.b. Lighting contractors do not apply for grants on your behalf, but they provide key information required for applications such as; quotes and energy savings analysis.


In Conclusion

A site survey provides your business with a detailed insight into how your current industrial lighting system could be improved – all for free! You will learn how much money you will save in terms of running costs and how you can provide optimal lighting conditions for your facility. Should you choose to invest; you will see these benefits come to fruition.

A range of measures achieve this from detailed lighting plans providing optimal lighting placement using as few energy efficient LED fittings as possible. As well as proposing LED fittings best suited to efficiently serve a particular part of your facility. All maximising energy efficiency.

Site surveys also provide the information required to create detailed savings analysis which allows you to plan financially as well as provide key evidence for grant applications.

Overall, a site survey with a trusted lighting contractor can assure you of a cost-effective solution and trusted cooperation for years to come.


What are your thoughts on reducing your company’s overheads? Do you have any questions on how your business could benefit from an industrial lighting site survey? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us using the contact form below or arrange a site visit.