Tai Sun

Warehouse Lighting Case Study

Tai Sun Oriental supermarket in Doncaster worked with Owled Lighting Solutions to enhance their lighting conditions at their storage facility.

The original warehouse lighting contained a number of Metal Halide 250W fittings which had been diminishing in quality. The lux levels averaged around 120 which hampered employees’ ability to work safely and efficiently. Because of this, Tai Sun required an LED lighting upgrade.

Owled enhanced Tai Sun’s warehouse lighting conditions by fitting 150W High Bays. This significantly enriched the working conditions as lux levels rose by 130 to 250 lux enabling employees to work more productively. The newly fitted LED lighting also drastically reduced lighting operating costs by 53%. Tai Sun were delighted with the outcome.

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Tai Sun's warehouse lighting conditions after led lighting their installation

Chart showing Tai Sun LED Warehouse Lighting Savings Chart
Tai Sun saved 53% with LED lighting